You First Foundation Brings Fun and Joy to Child Patients

After the You First Foundation’s recent $16,000 donation to Health Bridge Children’s Hospital, a pediatric specialty acute care hospital, the hospital was able to provide a new theater and toys for the children, which has greatly improved the young patients’ experiences while in treatment.

Chocolate Sale is Underway

Our annual candy sale has begun. Stop by any branch and enjoy a delicious treat while contributing to a valuable cause. Each time you buy a candy bar, you are helping us to improve the lives and educational opportunities of those affected by traumatic medical events in our communities. Thank you!

Welcome to the You First Foundation

Our mission is to help children and families that have experienced a traumatic brain injury or blood related cancer. We provide funding for the medical community to find treatments and improve care for people with these medical issues. By partnering with us you can make a difference in the lives of others and help the medical community find cures.